Cause of manhole cover is broken

The phenomenon of manhole cover breaks from various causes such as: Material is not quality assurance, the size of the cap does not match the construction or the wrong process. Breakage of the lid causes serious consequences. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of this phenomenon.

The role of the manhole cover in protecting the environment is extremely important. Therefore, when the cap is broken, it will have many different consequences. On the mass media, you have easily encountered the accident for the manhole cover was broken cause a lot. Specifically, not long ago, a man died as a result of falling to the manhole cover. This has created a warning bell for the construction of quality manhole covers to prevent breakage báo giá nắp hố ga gang.

Causes of manhole cover break:

1. Quality of manhole cover is not guaranteed:
The manhole cover is made of different materials such as cast iron, gray cast iron, composite, … The fracture is caused by the quality of the material with the signs such as: crystals in the material Fragile, slender, and many impurities, …

2. Size does not match
The size of the manhole cover does not match with the concrete neck, which leads to reduced bearing capacity and leads to load impulse.

3. Install the wrong load position
Execute and install the manhole cover incorrectly will cause great damage when the manhole cover is broken.
Therefore, our company always pay attention to ensure the quality from product materials, accurate measurements and installation, the most professional construction to ensure long-term quality.

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